A comprehensive Capita snowboards review

It is a fact that Capita snowboards have become quite popular in recent times. As a matter of fact, the 2023 line features some innovative models and the old favorites have been updated significantly as well. These top-quality snowboards will provide you with effective performance in the mountains and they feature an approachable price as well as a solid construction too. Let us dive into the details regarding these snowboards in the article mentioned below.

Capita Thunderstick

When your chosen weapon happens to be Capita Thunderstick snowboard, then you are bound to perform at the highest level this winter. It comes with an extremely soft camber profile that will enable you to have the flex that will be required to hang on to rails. Although the East Coast and Midwest rippers simply adore this ride since it will be suitable for icy days, the overall flex is nevertheless soft enough to enable you to play throughout the day in the park.

There is no doubt that the Capita Thunderstick will be the only solution for you in case you are yearning for a fast, super affordable, and enjoyable ride. The extruded base is extremely durable which will allow the snowboard to deal with some trifle rough-handling. Moreover, the innovative RFC sustainable core happens to be naturally poppy as well as lightweight while the board is slightly detuned by the innovative Bitter End Deflection Tuning to provide you with maximum comfort.


  • Blunted tail and nose for minimized swing weight
  • Provides camber precision on a supple flexing board


  • The camber profile might be somewhat catchy for the newbies

Capita Defenders Of Awesome

There is no doubt that the Defenders Of Awesome can be considered to be the most well-known of all the different types of Capita snowboards at present. The DOA provides the snap and response that you can expect from camber with the aid of the next-generation hybrid camber. There is likewise the possibility of reverse camber that helps to make your mountain ride extremely enjoyable and responsive.

capita snowboards

Bulletproof resilience is provided by the Kevlar bound sidewalls while the revolutionary sintered speed base that has been infused with wax will keep you hauling throughout the year. The presence of the additional carbon fiber beams will load you up with pop as well. It is impossible for so many riders to be wrong for so many years. In fact, it is quite difficult for you to find out what is actually missing when you use this particular Capita snowboard.


  • Extremely durable because of some remarkable tech upgrades
  • Top-quality all-mountain freestyle snowboard


  • Might be somewhat snappy for the newbies

Capita Indoor Survival

One can easily describe this snowboard as the Capita collection’s Swiss Army Knife. It will enable you to float solidly in powder while slaying the park as well. This helps to make Indoor Survival the best snowboard for any all-mountain rider who would like to purchase only one board for the whole season.

With a flex rating of 5/10, it will provide you with a flawless balance of response and forgiveness, while the top-quality titanal struts help to add resilience and strength without overpowering stiffness. A lot of stability is added by the flat camber between the feet and the reverse camber that kicks at the tail and nose will be ideal for presses or additional float. It is a fact that the Capita Indoor Survival has already received the Snowboard Mag Platinum Pick as well as the Transworld Good Wood Award which helps to make certain that you will not be disappointed by these snowboards after all.


  • Versatile flex and shape
  • Will be ideal for both experienced as well as beginner riders


  • Not much appropriate for big/powder mountain conditions

Capita x Volcom

This particular snowboard will prove to be one of the best snowboards that you have always been searching for. Volcom and Capita came into collaboration and they have provided individuals with everything that they have been looking for so many years. There is no doubt that the Volcom will not disappoint you by any means.

This innovative classic cambered and true twin snowboard is packed with power and pop for quick and enjoyable carves.  The presence of the carbon fiber beams adds snap to the tail and the nose while the sintered speed base that has been infused with wax will provide you with the edge while participating in a race. Furthermore, the Powershift Dual Core will aid in minimizing the overall weight while silencing chatter in hard-pack conditions as well.


  • Robust, enjoyable, and fast.
  • Dependable and classic cambered ride


  • Might be somewhat aggressive for the newbies.
  • Sizing is going to top out at 158 cm which will not be suitable for the big guys.

Capita Charlie Slasher

One can consider the Charlie Slasher to be the best-priced powder snowboard in this particular list. It will help you to save a good amount of money in the long run. It is known to provide an amazing float, thanks to its tapered tail and pronounced nose which will help these snowboards to take care of the hard pack and crunchy mornings in the best possible way.

Even though you zero camber right up to the front foot where it becomes reverse for providing you with a better float, you still will have plenty of power under the back foot for outstanding hold as well as hard, quick carves. Moreover, we like to mention that this snowboard has been manufactured with an ABS sidewall that is split-ready and it’ll be possible for you to prepare your personal splitboard as well. The Capita Charlie Slasher will be ideal for you in case you like to spend less amount of money on this particular snowboard.


  • Versatile in spite of the tapered tail.
  • Powder capabilities at an affordable cost.


  • Not appropriate for riding switch.
  • Not ideal for park.

Capita Mercury

This snowboard from Capita will be the answer to this brand for all mountain freeride enthusiasts. This snowboard is able to slice through powder, thanks to its robust build as well as lots of sophisticated features. This helps to make this snowboard ideal for any rider who likes to take advantage of the whole mountain.

capita snowboards
capita snowboards

The Mercury happens to be among the most robust and fast snowboards in the entire Capita collection featuring Dynaweave fiberglass, bamboo power rods loaded at the middle, the Omega speed base, as well as Carbon V-Tech. The innovative New Age Directional Sidecut featuring Death Grip is another added tech that includes a reverse sidecut arc in the center of the snowboard, offering an extra point of contact that will help you to hang on during sharp and quick turns. In case you happen to be an enthusiastic snowboarder, then the Mercury will live up to your expectations.


  • Stiff and aggressive freeride snowboard.
  • Responsive as well as snappy and ideal for fast conditions.


  • The camber profile could prove to be too catchy for the newbies.
  • Excessively stiff for beginners as well as casual park riding.

Capita Super Macho

This particular snowboard happens to be a recent addition to the extensive Capita collection, and it has become quite popular as well. Having taken all the main specs from the Black Snowboard of Death and putting them into a large mountain ripper, it has become appropriate for all hard-riding and big-footed men out there. The sizes range from 157 to 169, and this snowboard is not intended for soft-footed riders at all.

This snowboard mentioned here features bamboo power rods known to provide extra pop and strength, Dynaweave fiberglass, sintered sidewalls, and as many as 4 pre-cured carbon rods. It is a fact that this snowboard isn’t sissy by any means along with the person who is riding it. This Capita Super Macho will serve you the best in case you divide the season between riding the mountain slopes and playing linebacker in the NFL.


  • Robust and powerful boards that will be able to handle a beating.
  • Big mountain ride intended for the big men out there.


  • Not appropriate for the smaller men.
  • You need to be prepared for a super stiff ride if you happen to be a newbie.

Capita Birds Of A Feather

There is no doubt that the Birds Of A Feather series has become the favorite of many riders at present. Moreover, the good thing is that this snowboard is available in as many as eight different sizes right now. Appropriate for the more experienced snowboarders, this series features sophisticated elements such as carbon beams, Evo Tech fiberglass, as well as kevlar bound sidewalls.

This snowboard happens to be extremely durable and responsive which will definitely provide you with an enjoyable time in the mountains this winter. The revolutionary DS Select RFC Sustainable core was added by Capita only a few years back. The lightweight core does not have any finger joints or irregularities which implies that the flex is even and consistent while a more natural and snappy sensation is added by the poplar foundation. The Birds of a Feather will be the only way to go for ladies who are aware of what they need from the snowboard and want to use it in the best possible way.


  • Robust and enjoyable all-mountain ride.
  • Responsive camber profile for providing accuracy.


  • Might be excessively aggressive for beginners.

Capita Space Metal Fantasy

Featuring a resilient build as well as a loose reverse camber, the Capita Space Metal Fantasy will be ideal for the all-around park rider or the urban jibber. It is feasible for the SMF to hold an edge when needed thanks to a flat to reverse camber, and it nevertheless remains adequately loose for pressing the boxes or locking onto rails. The RFC sustainable core was added by Capita in recent times which helps to minimize weight as well as add a natural pop for additional benefits on this vibrant little ride. It’ll be possible for the newbies to enjoy the forgiving and loose sensation of this board in the best possible way. Furthermore, the more experienced riders are going to use it throughout the day. Therefore, in case you are prepared to push your expertise to the next level, or perhaps you already have, then it is a fact that you will fall in love with the Capita Space Metal Fantasy.


  • Loose and soft sensations that will be amazing for beginners.
  • The presence of flat camber which will be useful to you when you require it the most.


  • Excessively large for big, fast riding.

Capita Jess Kimura Pro

This particular snowboard from Capita is known to provide outstanding rideability and tech to any person who likes to purchase it. You will come across many females on the planet who like to ride their snowboards at present. The most important thing regarding this snowboard is that there is no need for you to be a professional to use it. This snowboard has been built by Capita to serve the beginners apart from the experienced riders. As a result, it’ll be feasible for the beginners to perform like a pro in no time as well.

capita snowboards
capita snowboards

You will be able to get hold of an edge when required thanks to the presence of flat camber at the inserts. However, it is important to bear in mind that the overall ride will not be very catchy for the newbies. The snowboard mentioned here comes with a flex rating of 5 out of 10 should be enough to guarantee you the fact that it is quite popular at present.


  • Will be awesome for beginner as well as experienced riders.
  • Responsive and poppy without being excessively stiff.


  • Not intended for the cat haters.


There is little doubt in mind that all these versions of Capita snowboards mentioned in this post will be ideal for the majority of the riders out there. To get more information on this topic, make certain to take the help of the web.