Hikvision 32 Channel NVR Review

Hikvision’s one NVR allows for 32 camera recordings at once and features built-in POE, so 16 cameras can be powered over Ethernet. Discover the best info about هایک ویژن.

It has four SATA ports capable of supporting up to eight HDDs of 10TB each (HDDs are sold separately) for a maximum capacity of 80TB (HDDs sold separately). Furthermore, two HDMI and one VGA video outputs provide access to external monitors at up to 8K resolution.


Hikvision’s all-in-one NVR, the DS-7732NI-I4/16P, is an all-inclusive IP surveillance solution without needing a PC. Capable of recording and displaying up to 12 channels of HD video over HDMI, this NVR also acts as storage capacity via its internal HDDs or external hard drives connected through USB.

The device supports the latest video codecs for HD recording, and its dual OS design ensures reliability and redundancy, providing a mouse shortcut operation menu and automatic number plate recognition support – ideal for medium-sized security systems.

It features 16 ports of Power over Ethernet (POE), providing enough electricity for 16 cameras with just one patch lead. In addition, it includes gigabit LAN connectivity and 3 USB ports (2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0), alarm functionality, and two-way audio input/outputs/inputs/outputs.


Hikvision 32-channel NVR features built-in storage to record security cameras. Connecting it to the internet through its Ethernet port, you can remotely access this NVR via computer or smart device and record in 4K resolution on all channels – providing stunning clarity while zooming in without losing image quality – plus H.265 video compression technology that saves 40% more storage space compared to H.264 compression!

Hikvision’s 32-channel all-in-one NVR can be used with Hikvision cameras as well as third-party ones, connecting up to 32 via a PoE network switch sold separately. Powered via PoE or traditional AC power, it features two HDMI and one VGA output for live footage display on monitors; 16 alarm inputs/outputs provide monitoring camera locations/devices as well.

Hikvision M-series 32channel NVR is a professional CCTV system built with all of the bandwidth capabilities necessary for large surveillance projects. Each camera can record at up to 12MP resolution and utilizes eight internal 3.5″ SATA HDD bays with RAID redundancy to safeguard data in case of hard drive failure, plus dual gigabit LAN ports that ensure fast connectivity, perfect for pairing up with PoE cameras for complete surveillance solutions suited for industrial and commercial surveillance applications.

Video Quality

Hikvision’s 32-channel NVR, the DS-7732NI-M4/16P, is an innovative system that delivers exceptional video quality. Compatible with high-resolution cameras and equipped with 16 PoE ports, enabling easy connection of IP cameras via patch leads or separate POE switches (sold separately), this NVR gives users maximum camera expansion potential.

M-Series NVR range boasts an increased bandwidth budget that allows them to support high-resolution Acusense cameras and the newest Hikvision technologies without needing to reduce recording resolution or frame rate – this marks a substantial advancement from previous generations of NVR and is one of the primary reasons they remain such popular options.

Outgoing bandwidth should also be carefully considered when choosing an NVR, as it determines how much data can be transmitted remotely to viewers. When multiple devices connect remotely to one device at once, this can consume much of its outgoing bandwidth, leading to poor performance or even footage loss.

Ideally, for optimal performance, we suggest investing in a higher-tier NVR model. You may also use a pre-made siamese cable, which offers 4MP resolution but is thinner than RG59U cables; this may work fine for short runs up to 150ft distances, but for any greater distances, consider installing an entire cabling system using RG6U or better lines instead.

Remote Access

Hikvision remote access enables users to monitor their security cameras remotely using any internet-enabled device – be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is beneficial for businesses with many employees working away from the office regularly or those traveling frequently – all they require for access is an Internet-enabled device and internet connectivity.

Hikvision’s DS-7732NI-K4 embedded network video recorder can connect up to 32 cameras via PoE switches and offers alarm input channels compatible with various alarm sensors and detectors. Furthermore, this device supports numerous video formats while offering multiple input/output ports for connections.

This NVR features a SATA interface, enabling users to install hard disk drives with capacities up to 8TB. Its Ethernet LAN port supports data rates of 10,100 and 1000 Mbit/s for reliable networking communications, and one HDMI and VGA output port provides users with connectivity options for compatible display devices.

Hikvision NVR 4 Channel can also be remotely accessed using its web browser on either a computer or mobile device, providing remote users access to settings, live footage, and recordings that they can download to either an internal hard drive or portable storage device.

Hikvision provides its NVR users with multiple methods of remote access, including IP address, username and password combination, and PINs. This ensures the integrity of your security camera system. To avoid hackers gaining entry to your home or business and help track any suspicious activity on your premises. Adding additional protection via VPN means keeping unwanted visitors out while protecting the integrity of the NVR.

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