How to Find the Best Cremation Jewelry

As opposed to spending your money on things other than cremation jewelry, why not put that money towards purchasing it instead? For instance, by packing lunch instead of purchasing meals at lunch time and saving that money can go toward purchasing cremation jewelry pieces for yourself or loved ones.

Memorial jewelry comes in various price points and styles to meet any need or taste. Many pieces can be used to store small amounts of cremains as well as locks of hair or dried flowers in discreet containers.

Stainless Steel Teddy Bear

Make an impressionful, meaningful tribute with this stainless steel Teddy bear charm pendant necklace for someone special in your life. Engrave any personal information to keep them with them throughout their lives.

This solid and decorative urn for child ashes is an exquisite way to remember your loved ones who have passed on. The top features an adorable teddy bear figure made with care and craftsmanship.

This Teddy Bear cremation urn is an emotional way to remember a loved one. Customize it further by adding their name or special message – perfect as a memorial tribute after child loss and will be passed down through generations! It will remain treasured as keepsake.

AllerPierce Cremation Bracelet

Cremation jewelry can be an exquisite way to remember loved ones who have passed away, with pendants, rings, and bracelets that hold some of their ashes being worn as tribute or memorial pieces. Also referred to as memorial or remembrance jewelry. Many items come with different shapes and styles so it should be easy for you to find what fits perfectly for your needs.

One of the best choices available to men and women alike is a bracelet featuring a stainless steel urn charm. Perfect as memorial piece with elegance, adding personalized engraving can make this memorial piece even more meaningful.

Another option for cremation jewelry is a heart locket cremation necklace. This unique, heart-shaped locket can hold ashes, locks of hair or soil from special places; made of sterling silver with cubic zirconia sparkles – making this pendant an elegant way to remember those close to us.

Cremation jewelry for pets is an exquisite and meaningful way to memorialize a departed companion. Available in various styles and colors, cremation necklaces offer something suitable to every personality; engraving can even include engraving their name or date as well as special photos that will remain etched onto it forever. A memorial pendant pendant makes an enduring reminder of those special relationships shared between pet-parents.

Eterneva Rings

This company provides an innovative service, turning cremated remains into diamonds and memorial jewelry – perfect for people who want to honor a deceased loved one while keeping them close through death.

Adelle Archer began Eterneva after losing a close friend and being given responsibility for taking care of her remains upon their passing. Realizing that traditional legacies such as urns weren’t sufficient enough, Adelle decided to turn her friend’s ashes into diamonds – thus birthing the business.

According to their website, this company has assisted over 11,000 families create diamonds from the cremated remains of loved ones. Customers receive a kit and place about half a cup of cremated remains into an included container; then ship the container off to Austin where carbon will be rendered into diamond seed material – customers will get updates throughout this seven to nine month process and can decide what use their diamond will serve; whether as jewelry or for other uses.

This company provides custom jewelry pieces, such as rings and necklaces, which can be designed to honor memorable experiences of its wearers.

Urn Keychain

For those wishing to pay their deceased loved ones a small tribute, an urn keychain pendant can make for an excellent way to do just that. Its chamber can store cremated remains, hair/fur strands from deceased, perfume, essential oils or soil from places dear to them – or simply keep a memento close at hand.

The top of an urn unscrews for easy filling. Just pour a pinch of ashes or other keepsake items into its chamber before securely screwing on its top again – then wear it every day as a reminder of a loved one who has passed. Choose from multiple styles or have one personalized for an engraved message or special date!

Though nothing can replace our lost pet, an urn keychain can help ease the grieving process. This keepsake necklace includes both photo charms and an engravable heart charm – a wonderful way to memorialize them.

The urn keychain is constructed of durable materials and should be worn with pride. Although water resistant, you should still remove this pendant prior to swimming or showering to protect it from soap, shampoo or other household chemicals that could potentially damage it as well as environmental factors that might cause sterling silver to tarnish or rust over time. Plus, its construction from stainless steel ensures it will stand the test of time!

Cylinder Keepsake – Pack of 4

Losing a pet can be devastatingly heartbreaking, yet keeping their memory close by wearing cremation jewelry can provide comforting relief and keep loved ones close by keeping a piece of them close by holding onto lock of hair or other small mementos that hold onto you from them. Cremation jewelry comes in different styles like necklaces and bracelets to rings and pendants that can keep these memories close at heart.

Are You Searching For Cremation Urn Necklaces to Remember A Loved One Closely? The Cylinder Keepsake could be the ideal solution. With its secure chamber that can store up to 1/3 teaspoon of ashes or mementos safely and its stylish design that allows customization with text engraving or fingerprint imprints – the Cylinder Keepsake makes a wonderful present and can fit in with any clothing style – it is an excellent keepsake of our loved ones that can bring them close.

Cremation jewelry that holds a lock of hair can also be an elegant way to remember loved ones who have passed. Some companies, like Saint Diamonds, even offer this type of cremation jewelry and can turn their locks of hair into diamonds!

Spirit Pieces’ Caged Galaxy Pendant makes an eye-catching memorial pendant with advanced glass making techniques. It features an opal planet surrounded by clouds sitting atop Dichroic and fuming glass for an eye-catching piece.

Sterling Silver Rose Ring

This beautiful fashion ring, boasting a silver rose blooming with black diamonds, will certainly pique anyone’s interest. Crafted of sterling silver with an exquisite rose-toned rhodium finish to complement its intricate details and black diamond accents adorning its rose add an additional element of grace and beauty to this elegant piece.

Made from solid 925 sterling silver, this elegant flower ring will become an indispensable part of your jewelry collection. Crafted with intricate and delicate detailing, its rose is perfect for wearing with almost any look and makes an affordable yet beautiful present for friends or loved ones.

This beautiful ring features a large rose flower with hand-carved petals for an eye-catching adornment that will complement any bohemian style. Crafted from high-quality sterling silver, the lightweight yet comfortable and durable piece will withstand everyday use with no issues whatsoever.

Rose flowers have long been seen as symbols of love and faith, so this sterling silver rose ring makes an excellent way to mark special romantic occasions such as wedding anniversaries or smaller moments of affection. Adjustable to fit either hand comfortably, please only adjust this ring once as excessive opening and closing can damage its band.