Party Animals Characters

Party Animals features an adorable cast of animals for players to choose from in their game experience, some available immediately while others unlocked through Surprise Eggs and Item Shop purchases. The Interesting Info about birthday party characters in Houston.

Garfat is an animal character who bears a striking resemblance to Garfield from The Simpsons, featuring macchiato as his voice while Otta hides behind vacant eyes to conceal any sense of furious vengeance in him.


Nemo, the adorable clownfish from Party Animals, has long been a fan favorite. One of his key draws to Party Animals is his accessibility: unlock him through Item Shop purchases or Surprise Eggs to open him up!

Nemo also helps Marlin find Dory when she becomes trapped in a fisherman’s net along with a school of grouper fish. Following his father’s advice, Nemo uses a pebble to jam the filter’s fan and release all the fish while also freeing Dory.

Nemo recruits Fluke and Rudder from his fellow sea lions as helpers to transport him and Dory safely to quarantine; Becky transports them using her bucket. Marlin shows new appreciation for Nemo and grants him more freedom. Nemo later meets Dory’s parents and meets a dentist who examines him for any possible dental issues.


Tiagra, an orange-furred Bengal Tiger with black stripes, is one of the most endearing characters in Party Animals. His large brown eyes and tufts of patterned fur give it the appearance of a Bengal tiger; however, his strength falls short. Like Nemo, Underbite, Macchiato, and Otta before him, Tiagra can be unlocked by completing achievements or making in-game purchases, Surprise Eggs, or Item Shop purchases – becoming an invaluable asset in online battles!

Party Animals! Offers plenty of exciting characters for you to interact with! Keep an eye out for them while playing Party Animals!


Party Animals is one of the most exciting multiplayer games ever produced, offering fast-paced physics-based brawling action featuring adorable animals engaging in battles and challenges with great humor and fury.

The game features an assortment of characters – from puppies and kittens to ducks, bunnies, and dinosaurs. Some can be unlocked instantly, while others must be unlocked by completing achievements.

Nemo is a corgi with the sense of humor and strength of a bull; Tiagra, with her vibrant orange stripes, brings out the wild side of Party Animals; Otta has Garfield energy as an Otter that can handle business; there are also characters such as Barbie, Bacon, and Valiente who bring unique character traits into the game with special abilities and weapons of their own.


Party Animals offers a diverse array of characters for players to select when engaging in battle with friends in its physics-based brawler mode. Pre-order bonuses can be unlocked through in-game rewards or achievements; plushy animals certainly add an element of fun when engaging in battle! Though their presence doesn’t provide any military advantage, Party Animals adds extra charm.

The roster features puppies, kittens, ducks, bunnies, sharks, dinosaurs, and other adorable characters that can punch, toss, jump, kick, and use weapons to navigate exciting modes and maps. Characters such as Barbie the gorilla or Bacon the pig are gentle yet untrustworthy, while Tiagra the tiger or Coco the killer crocodile have more menacing appearances; several can even appear as unique collaborations in the Item Shop or be purchased with Nemo Bucks.


Party Animals is a physics-based competitive brawler from Recreate Games and published by Source Technology that pits players in adorable, offbeat animal combat. Players choose their character of choice to fight alongside during battles in this cute and cuddly animal fight game.

From sleepy dinosaurs to exciting rabbits, these animals form an engaging cast. Barbie the gorilla is an unforgettable black beast, while Otta the otter exudes playful energy and character. Finally, Bacon the pig’s red mohawk and black skull bib project confidence with every move he makes!

While some adorable creatures are included with the base game, others can be unlocked by purchasing items in the Item Shop or opening Surprise Eggs. This article will focus exclusively on those you can unlock using these methods.

Harry the Duck

Party Animals has quickly become one of the most engaging multiplayer physics-based brawlers available today, delighting gamers around the globe. It features an adorable cast of cute, cuddly animals who are ready to engage their opponents in epic fights.

Garfat, which resembles the iconic cat figure Garfield, has quickly become a favorite among cat enthusiasts due to its adaptable play style. It can fit effortlessly into their play style.

At Fresherslive, there are various characters you can unlock using multiple methods. Some characters may be available from the start, while others can be unlocked through Item Shop purchases, Surprise Eggs, or by meeting specific goals. There are also animal skins that can be purchased using real money, but these don’t impact gameplay in any way. Stay tuned with more gaming articles by Fresherslive; follow us on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for updates!). Read more gaming articles here or follow us!


Party Animals would not be nearly as fun without its array of adorable characters to play with. Recreate Games’ multiplayer physics-based brawler starts with a fantastic roster, while more animals are constantly being added as players compete online against one another.

Party Animals features cuddly characters who are capable of punching, tossing, jumping, kicking, and headbutting, as well as wielding an array of weapons. You may even spot cucumber slices, towels, or gold skins being picked up to add some flair to their looks!

Nemo, Tiagra, Macchiato, Otta, Morse, Underbite, Harry Bacon, and Coco Carrot are just a few of the 19 playable characters available to choose from, each with their own personality and gameplay style to discover! Cookies and Nemo Bucks earned through playing can be spent to unlock outfits or consumed in the Surprise Egg machine for rewards!

Coco the Crocodile

Party Animals is a multiplayer, physics-based competitive brawler where adorable animals compete against one another. Players can punch, toss, jump, kick, and headbutt their way past various obstacles in this fast-paced fight royale!

The game features several adorable animals with distinct personalities to add an element of play. Garfat, for instance, resembles Garfield from famous cartoons, while Bacon boasts of having both “a heart of gold and muscles of steel.”

Tiagra, a striped tiger, is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, while Barbie is a gentle giant who knows how to party in style. Valiente, the bull, is all about power! In addition, this game also offers special collaboration characters that can be purchased using Nemo Bucks, Cookies, or real money in the Item Shop for limited periods in its Item Shop.


Party Animals quickly rose to the top of many Steam wishlists upon its announcement in 2020. Although it took some time before its arrival on store shelves, its adorable art style and engaging physics brawler gameplay quickly made it a fan favorite when finally available for purchase.

The game emphasizes cuteness while not shying away from humor either, with many of its characters featuring amusing names such as Barbie the gorilla or Valiente the bull (even though he may not eat meat himself!).

Otta the Owl and Carrot the Rabbit have unique characters of their own, not to mention Uni, the stunning unicorn who wears all colors of the rainbow – she’s pretty formidable!


Party Animals is a physics-based competitive brawler that pits colorful characters of animal origin against each other in exciting battles. Players can unlock characters as part of pre-order bonuses or by progressing through the game itself.

Garfat, one of many cat characters in Party Animals, may resemble Garfield from comic strips; his unlock is one of several available through purchasing the Deluxe Edition.

Barbie is the main protagonist in this film, but her relationship with Ken is more complicated than usual. Unlike previous Mattel films, this movie treats Barbie and Ken as individuals rather than vague ideals of femininity – each has its own set of personal traits and goals revealed slowly throughout.

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