Solo Farming in the Tower Manga Review

Solo Farming in the Tower is an evocative manga series featuring action, adventure and fantasy genres for an exhilarating and engaging reading experience.

One day, an enigmatic tower suddenly appeared in the city. Inside lay treacherous terrain and menacing monsters; but also opportunities and riches! Sejun was invited unexpectedly into this tower – his mission: cultivating crops, gathering resources, and devising a survival plan!

Chapter 36 Release Date

Solo Farming in the Tower is an action-packed fantasy manga with an intriguing cast of characters and thrilling adventures. It follows Sejun, a 26-year-old NEET from Korea who finds himself trapped inside an unknown tower where he can both grow crops and fight monsters – it is a must read for anyone looking for suspenseful storytelling! Solo Farming in the Tower makes for an engaging read!

This manga features an irresistibly compelling plot, full of thrilling battles and pursuit of unimaginable treasures. This blend of genres guarantees that every chapter provides an exciting adrenaline rush, leaving readers wanting more.

Chapter 36 of Solo Farming in the Tower centers around Sejun’s efforts to provide food for himself and the minotaurs living in his tower. As the story develops, Sejun becomes closer with these mythical beasts until eventually becoming involved in an emerging conflict between red bear and minotaurs. Furthermore, Sejun attempts to teach these monsters farming skills so that disaster may be avoided altogether.

Furthermore, in this chapter we will see Sejun host a housewarming party for his new housemates- rabbits! Additionally, Theo enters into a contract with Kim from Phoenix Guild to send money in exchange for Tower coins and magical cherry tomatoes; all this should make for some exciting developments down the line! It will be exciting to witness their unfolding in time.

Readers interested in Solo Farming in the Tower can read its latest chapter on Naver Webtoon’s official Korean site or access various other websites such as AquaManga or ManhwaTop; on these latter two platforms a premium subscription may be necessary; select chapters may also be free. Fans should keep checking this page regularly for updates regarding when chapter 37 will be released; once released we will post spoilers here as soon as it hits Reddit – although spoilers won’t appear here until it has actually been published elsewhere!


Solo Farming in the Tower, first serialized and published in 2023, has quickly earned many fans. It follows Sejun’s adventures after being invited by chance into an underground facility known as the Tower. His initial excitement at becoming rich quickly turned to desperation when he realized that all he had with him were some seeds he’d planted himself and his body itself; soon enough though, he found himself trapped inside alone with no means to escape or resources available to him to survive on his own.

In this chapter, the story continues with Sejun. As he explores a hidden area of a tower, Sejun encounters some mutated plants which attack him, but using his sword and fire magic he manages to defend against their attacks despite mana running low. Additionally, he finds some unexpected allies living alongside him: rabbits that live together.

The chapter also unveils that Sejun has experienced and the significant relationships he has created in his lifetime, prompting him to reflect upon past experiences and express gratitude for those who have helped him along his journey while offering hopes that they remain safe and happy in the future.

Chapter 37 continues the adventure through the Tower and its treacherous terrain and danger-inducing monsters. This chapter offers a thrilling mix of action, adventure and fantasy as protagonists face numerous obstacles on their search for unimaginable treasures – keeping readers on their toes as new twists and turns lead to character reveals and surprises!

The manga can be read online through various platforms, including KakaoPage in Korean and Tappytoon in English. Reading the first five chapters is free; to continue, fans must purchase either an all-access pass or individual chapters through these platforms in order to gain full access.

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Solo Farming in the Tower (known in Korean as Nahonja Tabeseo Nongsa) is an action, adventure and fantasy manga that blends genres to provide an exciting reading experience from start to finish. Packed with adrenaline-pumping battles, exciting adventures, a rich world full of wonder and danger as well as adrenaline pumping battles; Solo Farming is a must read for fans of epic battles, fascinating quests and immersive fantasy worlds alike.

At first sight, its characters’ charming nature is revealed as they warmly greet a mother rabbit and her young, creating a connection with wildlife that inhabits the tower. Later they use Blue Moon crops which are well known for their energy-boosting properties to cook a delectable meal to share among themselves, furthering camaraderie between friends.

Even through all their trials and difficulties, the protagonists’ positive attitudes and enduring spirits shine brightly throughout this chapter. Even against threats posed by an unscrupulous giant fox that stalks their farm, they show great courage in facing these difficulties head on with determination.

In addition to stirring moments of intrigue and gratitude, this chapter is filled with some intriguing character developments. Sejun’s relationship with Kueng and her mother deepens as he expresses genuine concern for their well-being; its celestial backdrop provides ample opportunity for reflection; with the blue moon providing a poignant reminder of all they have shared together.

As the story develops, more mysteries emerge to keep fans guessing at what will occur next. One such mystery involves Foxy’s past which will be explored more fully later in the manga and bring greater layers to its narrative while giving readers a deeper appreciation of manhwa.

An iconic scene in the story involves protagonists creating an exquisite meal in an amazing pot given them by Salescat Theo. While enjoying each other’s company and steaming delicious food together, they discover delectable flavors which add zest to each bite and then share it with their friends for even deeper bonds of friendship.

Naver’s website now hosts the latest chapter of Solo Farming in the Tower manga. Fans can read and download it free-of-charge; ManhwaTop also makes accessing this engaging world possible.

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One day, an unexpected tower appeared in the city. While many saw it as an area filled with hostile terrain and lethal monsters, others saw it as a region filled with opportunity and unimaginable treasures. One such person is Sejun who ventures inside the dungeon but quickly becomes trapped inside – fighting for survival while unraveling all the secrets buried deep within this tower.

Thankfully, this captivating manhwa is available for readers everywhere to read. The masterful storytellers and illustrators behind its creation have created an epic adventure that will keep readers enthralled – offering a blend of action, adventure and fantasy genres for an unparalleled reading experience.

On April 20, 2023, the first chapter of this manhwa was made available online and quickly became an instantaneous hit among manga enthusiasts. Written and illustrated by Lim Hyung – making the series truly exceptional and exciting – anyone interested in this captivating story can access it online using platforms such as Line Webtoon or Naver Series; those seeking full access may subscribe for premium services while those just wishing to read certain chapters may do so for free.

Solo Farming In The Tower is an engaging manga series featuring an engaging cast of characters and epic battles. Sure to appeal to an international readership, its captivating plot and talented creators have already won millions over around the globe!

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