Solo Farming in the Tower

Solo Farming in the Tower is an engaging manhwa that takes place within an ominous tower, filled with rugged terrain and dangerous monsters, yet filled with treasure.

Manga has won readers over with its captivating plot and talented creators. This mesmerizing manhwa combines action, adventure, and fantasy genres into an engaging experience for readers.

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Solo Farming In The Tower is an action-adventure manga with an unusual blend of genres. This combination of action, adventure and fantasy provides readers with an engaging reading experience that draws them in with its heart-pounding battles and pursuit of extraordinary treasures that characterize the storyline.

Chapter 36 of Solo Farming In The Tower can now be read online through Naver Webtoon’s official website, offering readers either premium access or free access for certain sections. The chapter can be found in Korean.

The chapter opens with one of the protagonists preparing a meal using a pot provided by Salescat Theo. As they work together to prepare it, their conversation erupts with praise for its delectable cuisine and joyous sharing – Theo was overjoyed that his contributions helped enhance its quality as he is proud of what his team had accomplished together.

Sejun gazes upon the blue moon while recalling his close friends Kueng and Kueng’s mother, with whom he shares deep connections. He expresses genuine worry for their safety and well-being, the celestial backdrop providing a poignant reminder of all they share together. This chapter artfully interweaves moments of intrigue, gratitude, and reflection into an emotional tapestry within its larger narrative arc.

Solo Farming In The Tower’s Chapter 19 was released on July 20, 2023. This week’s chapter offers the protagonists an important challenge that puts their survival skills to the test, introduces a new character, and presents an engaging premise.

Solo Farming in the Tower is an engaging manga series that blends fantasy and supernatural storytelling elements with Sejun’s daily life in his town. After life takes an unexpected turn, Sejun finds himself trapped inside an unfamiliar tower known as Dungeon and must now make his way out if only to survive another day. AquaManga and ManhwaTop currently host chapters of Solo Farming in the Tower and you can download these chapters as they release.

Solo Farming in the Tower has been published across multiple countries and languages, though not in English yet. While this could change in time, fans can enjoy this manga free via websites such as AquaManga or ManhwaTop for now.


When an unsettling tower materializes in a bustling city, people take notice. Dubbed the Dungeon, it promises rich rewards to those brave enough to venture inside its depths – Sejun is no different as when invited inside it his dreams quickly turn to wealth and prosperity; unfortunately fate has other plans as he finds himself trapped inside with only seeds to his name as survival measures; in order to stay alive he must farm, collect resources and devise strategies against any challenges that await him in this adventure!

Solo Farming In the Tower is an engaging manhwa that blends genres like action, adventure, and fantasy for an amazing reading experience. Written by Brother Lim and illustrated by Lee Hae Kyung, who have created an immersive narrative that draws readers into its world of danger and exhilaration – making this must-read manga an absolute must!

Chapter 19 of Solo Farming in the Tower will see Park Sejun expanding his farm and cultivating more crops, while Theo earns money by acting cute and allowing people to take photos with him and touch his soft paws. Furthermore, we will witness Red Bear cub exploring a cave while his mother warns him against it due to deadly bees found therein.

Solo Farming in the Tower fans can access its latest chapters online through Naver Webtoon’s official website; however, each additional chapter must be purchased individually; also only fast pass options of five chapters at a time can be used by Naver Webtoon – this can quickly get costly for fans! Luckily, another option exists for readers, ManhwaTop offers high-quality manga titles at reasonable prices with early access available – an ideal way to support this exciting manhwa while enjoying premium reading experience!


Un enigmatic tower suddenly appears in a bustling city, captivating everyone’s curiosity and drawing them towards it. Dubbed the “dungeon,” it promises rich treasures for anyone brave enough to enter. When Sejun, an ordinary young man living an ordinary life, is invited unwittingly into the dungeon by chance, his heart jumps at the prospect of riches he may discover within its depths – until fate intervenes, trapping him inside with only seeds for survival and determination to survive! Now he must farm, gather resources, and devise his own survival strategy while inside!

Solo Farming In The Tower is an engaging manhwa that blends action, adventure, and fantasy into an exciting narrative. Boasting breathtaking artwork, captivating characters, and an immersive world, this fantasy-action manga will enthrall readers worldwide. Written and illustrated by Brother Lim and Lee Ha Kyung respectively, their captivating tale will keep readers glued to their seats!

Solo Farming In The Tower has shown us Park Sejun expanding his farming skills as he domesticates rabbits and grows crops on his farm. He can make money from acting adorable and offering rewards for taking photos with him; Sejun even found another method of making money selling stuffed animal friends at auctions!

Solo Farming In The Tower will release its next chapter on November 23, 2023. While no details have been shared as to what may take place, fans can anticipate more drama and excitement in this chapter as its popularity among fans grows rapidly in Korea’s comic scene. You can read it online via Naver Comics or its official website of Solo Farming In The Tower series.

Solo Farming In The Tower is an enjoyable manhwa that will keep you captivated throughout your lunch break, offering charming character development and beautiful art work that will keep your interest. Get lost in Sejun’s journey as he experiences incredible challenges while uncovering its mysteries!


Solo Farming in the Tower is an engaging manga that perfectly blends action, adventure, and fantasy into an engaging narrative. Readers are drawn into its world with thrilling battles against menacing monsters and an inexhaustible quest for treasure – captivating characters make this read irresistible! Solo Farming In The Tower should definitely not be missed!

Chapter 36 adds another humorous layer as Sejun and Theo enter a pool of water together, to face an unknown enemy. Their shared experiences and deep connections are laid bare before them as their celestial backdrop induces reflection upon shared experiences and deeper bonds that bond them closer. This episode beautifully interweaves moments of intrigue, gratitude, and contemplation into its tapestry of emotions infusing all other episodes in this series.

Solo Farming in the Tower will return on November 30, 2023, so fans can catch up with previous chapters by using Naver Webtoon or Line Webtoon. Additionally, its official site offers a subscription service that grants access to all chapters.

Even through his hardships, Sejun remains optimistic and determined to survive. Relying on friendships and his special abilities to overcome challenges presented in the mysterious tower, Sejun tries to teach farming techniques to minotaurs to reduce food shortages and secure their futures. In addition, this chapter of manga introduces a kidnapped fox character by an unsavory merchant association leader, heightening drama and suspense even further.

Sejun struggles to survive in the tower, finding ways to send money home and saving a baby bear from falling off a cliff. Meanwhile, Theo attempts to secure employment while buying system store passes for Sejun’s family.

Solo Farming in the Tower has garnered praise from readers and critics alike, earning both critical acclaim and wide fan support across multiple languages. Furthermore, its creators are currently creating a companion book which will detail characters’ origin stories; Korean and Japanese versions will be published simultaneously while its English edition will become available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.